Commercial Window Film

What are the Benefits of Commercial Window Film?

Performance Window Films, LLC professional installation

Pick a Pro and the installation will go smoothly without a mess and with minimal interruption of normal activities. Our films have been safely and effectively installed on buildings for over 34 years. We are fully Insured and the only IWFA accredited professional installation company in this area.

Performance Window films, LLC is the choice of many top companies in this area.

Improved comfort and aesthetics

The reduction in glare and heat will improve the working atmosphere for the building tenants and decrease the need for computer glare screens. An added bonus will be the enhanced appearance of the building from the exterior by eliminating visual clutter and by creating a uniform consistency with the use of window films.

A Smart investment for business

Consult with a Performance Window Films specialist and we will recommend the right product for your space and provide you with a written quotation. As a risk free long term investment, 3M Window Films perform and protect for years and come with a manufacturer's warranty.